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about us

PGH.AI is a community-led initiative dedicated to improving the accessibility, connectivity, and transparency of Pittsburgh’s rich artificial intelligence ecosystem. We bring together a diverse and welcoming community of experts and novices alike to engage in a wide spectrum of topics (including research, education, ethics, policy, workforce, robotics, arts, and more), in hopes that together, we can help Pittsburgh truly fulfill its potential as a world leader in responsible AI.

PGH.AI is an initiative that is meant to serve the Pittsburgh community at large; is managed (fiscally, legally, and governance-wise) by the Partnership to Advance Responsible Technology (PART), a 501c3 nonprofit led by Executive Director, Lance Lindauer; and is recognized as part of the global network.



A very special thank you to all the contributors that have made PGH.AI programs and events a success:

Deepika Devarajan

Ashley Johnston

Carey Casile

Brett Fulesday

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